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Local has been working with Saul Agricultural High School for the past few years to teach a series on sustainable development and related appropriate technologies. (For more information, see https://pennewb.org/blog/local/) This year, Local is looking to construct a pipeline to transport large bodies of water collected in rain water barrels to a field of crops. The next step for Local is to dig a trench through the driveway and lay the pipes in. This portion of the project has to be completed in one day to avoid obstructing traffic.


Local has recently established a relationship with Girard College, visiting weekly to educate students on sustainability. Local, this year, has already worked on solar cars, sand filtration, and oil spill simulations with the students. Other projects planned for the rest of the academic year include biodiesel, hydrogen energy, and soil pollution filtration. Local has also been communicating with faculty at Girard to initiate a large-scaled green roof project at the school. Such a green roof would not only have numerous environmental benefits, but could also potentially save the school up to $4000 monthly in fines the school pays for rain water runoff.

Please contact Kevin at [email protected] for more information about these projects and how to get involved.

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