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Local Committee Updates

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SAUL Local has been working with Saul Agricultural High School for the past few years to teach a series on sustainable development and related appropriate technologies. (For more information, see This year, Local is looking to construct a pipeline to transport large bodies of water collected in rain water barrels to a field of crops. The next step for Local is to dig a trench through the driveway and lay the pipes in. This portion of the project has to be completed in one day to avoid obstructing traffic. GIRARD Local has recently established a relationship with Girard College, visiting weekly to educate students on sustainability. Local,...

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Guatemala Commitee Discusses Sustainability Initiatives

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Last Tuesday, The Guatemala Committee met to discuss sustainability issues and how feasible the initiatives described in this article were. The article notes that humans use 4,000 cubic kilometers of water per year, 70% of which is used for irrigation. This causes diminished flows in many large rivers and declining water tables in various areas of the world. Pollution of water by fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides is another problem posed by the expansion of agriculture and increased food production — runoff from farmland causes algal blooms and “dead zones,”...

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