Membership applications for 2014-2015 are now closed.

Applications were due Wednesday, 9/17, 11:59pm.

Late applicants after 9/17, please submit application here. There are no consequences for being late, it’s just here for us to keep track. You will be notified on a rolling basis following the tentative deadline of October 1st, 2014, 11:59pm.

10 advantages to becoming a member:

¤1. Be a part of an international network through EWB-USA
¤2. Access to our alumni network & professional advisors
¤3. Opportunity to find mentors within EWB
¤4. Explore your interest in social impact and sustainable development
¤5. Priority in international travel team recruitment
¤6. Become a leader in the Penn community
¤7. Apply academic interests by joining committees
¤8. 10% off your Penn EWB apparel purchase
¤9. Member-only social & professional events
¤10. Venture (far) beyond Penn’s campus!



Congratulations to our new executive board! The next round of applications will be announced in 2015; select board positions may be open with notice.