Current Projects:
+ Kob/Tudig 2007 - Implementing a Water System for the Villages of Kob and Tudig, Cameroon
+ Terreritos 2007 - Helping Provide Terreritos With Formal Sanitation
+ Saul HS - Mentoring and Biogas Reactor Afterschool Program
+ @Penn - Creating Sustainable Development and Engineering Classes
+ Project Scoping - Evaluating Additional and Future Endeavors

Past Projects:
+ Terreritos 2006 - Bringing Much Needed Water to the Village of Terreritos, Honduras
July 2007 Assessment Trip to Kob and Tudig, Cameroon
PennEWB's newest international project is based in the villages of Kob and Tudig, Cameroon. The goal of the assessment tripis to evaluate whether a water system is feasible for the region.

Need some more information about the Cameroon project? Read our Assessment Report or Project Summary. You can also get a feel for the project by reading the assessment project travelogue.

Assessment Team Members:

Sarah Casey, SEAS '08
Hong Truong, SAS '08
Vince Uhl, P.E.
Dr. Godlove Fonjweng, Assistant Dean for Advising, GSAS '97
Dr. John Keenan, Professor of Electrical Systems Engineering

Penn Support:
Megan Doherty, Program Coordinator, SEAS
Joe Sun, Director of Academic Affairs, SEAS
latest news.
Oct 18
First EWB Speaking Event:
Professor Bernard Amadei Founding President of Engineers Without Borders-USA
Co-Founder of Engineers Without Borders-International
Berger Auditorium, 6PM. Slides from the event.

Sep 16
Cameroon 2007 Applications due.

Sep 5
7:00 PM, Wu and Chen Auditorium (Levine 100)
Find out about what we do, ask any questions that you have, and sign up for a committee.

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