“EWB works to enable sustainable development,
both through awareness locally and implementation globally”

Local Outreach Projects

Locally, PennEWB works with area high schools and other Penn student organizations to complete educational and outreach initiatives designed to promote sustainability.

Partnership with Saul:

For the past few years, we have maintained a partnership with Saul Agricultural High School to teach a series on sustainable development and related appropriate technologies. Some of the curriculum topics include biogas, biodiesel, geothermal energy harvestation, future car power technologies, climate change, and water conservation.

Aside from the educational aspects, we also engage in engineering projects at the farm the school is situated. Previously we had constructed a biogas digester to convert manure into usable energy. Currently, we are working on a mid-scale irrigation project to transport large bodies of water collected in rain water barrels to a field of crops. Our current project will allow the school and the farm workers to reuse rain water to irrigate crops in a systematic and environment-friendly water, while also removing a mosquito infestation that has flourished in the presence of stagnant water.

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Walnut Hill Community Association:

With the intent of replicating the success we have enjoyed with Saul and expand, we hope to begin a partnership with the Walnut Hill Community Association. Currently, we are working out the details to begin a smaller-scaled irrigation project with the WHCA. For more information, check out their website.

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