“EWB works to enable sustainable development,
both through awareness locally and implementation globally”

Public Relations

The PR Committee of EWB is divided into two sections: Events and Marketing. The goal of each section is to promote the ideals of Penn EWB through both fundraising and awareness-raising campaigns. Through events such as our Annual Silent Auction, we have educated many people about our cause, and raised several thousand dollars for our projects in Guatemala and Cameroon. Other campaigns of note include our participation in Global Fast, Penn's Green Week, and our annual performing arts benefit: For the Love of H2O. We strive to make the Penn community aware of the importance of sustainable development (selling, for example, t-shirts with the slogan "Sustainable Development is Sexy"), and frequently participate in school-wide events to draw attention to our projects. Education is key to advancing the virtue of sustainability, and so the PR committee endeavors to spread word to its surrounding community.

Stay tuned this coming semester for school-wide fundraising parties, educational events, and many other opportunities to get involved!

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