Welcome to the Penn Engineers without Borders wiki. Here you will find the latest updates on all of our projects. Any relevant correspondence, files, or contacts may be found here.

If you are interested in going to a project meeting, check out the Committee Meetings page.

Completed Projects
  • Terreritos (Honduras)
  • Kob & Tudig (Cameroon)
  • PennEWB in the Gulf (Mississippi)
Current International Projects
  • Water Tech Group
  • Gundom (Cameroon)
  • Kanyama (Zambia)
Local Projects
  • Biogas Digester
  • Biodiesel
  • High School Presentations
Future Projects
  • KNUST (Ghana)
  • L&A Academy (Ghana)
  • Guatemala Health Initiative (Guatemala)
  • Open Projects
Investigated Projects
  • Ntisaw (Cameroon)
  • Payingdem (India)
  • Bridge Project (Honduras)

EWB Resources

Web Resources on Sustainable Development and Appropriate Tech

Internal Pages

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