EWB Guidelines, Information, and Applications for International Trips

Guidelines and Information

International trips through EWB are open to Penn students of all years. Generally, students of freshman through junior standing (at the time of the application process) participate. Trips are not closed to only engineers and we welcome applications from students in Wharton and in the College.  The application timeline is as follows:


Team Recruitment- Late fall and early spring

  • Teams are composed of 12 students (2 of which are project leads) and 2 Penn faculty members
  • Information sessions are held to answer questions from potential applicants and give information about the projects
  • Applications (online) distributed in the late fall
  • Interviews with student leaders
  • Interviews with mentors (occur either in the fall or in January)
  • Teams selected after mentor interviews


Requirements for selected team members: 

  • Participation in an EWB class (one a week, 2-3 hours).
    • The class allows for the team to plan the project it will implement and to learn about the background of the project as well as the culture of the community in which it will be implemented. General principles for sustainable development are also emphasized.
    • The class counts for 2 C.U- for engineers, this generally translates to one technical elective and a free elective
    • Implementation trip
      • 2 week trips
      • Early may or late August so as not to interfere with internships


Please email our Vice President of International Relations, whose contact information can be found on our board page, for more information.